With articles published in such magazines as 4×4 Australia, Camper Australia, Hema, Caravan World, Campermate, Unsealed 4×4, RV Daily and many more, here are some examples of my work:

4X4 Australia – Explore Davenport Range National Park

Hema – Top 5 Things You Need For Desert Travel

Hema – Top 5 NT National Parks

Hema – The Importance of Outback Communications

Hema – A Beginners Guide to Towing

Hema – Discover Victoria’s High Country Huts

Hema – Tassie’s Top 5

Hema – 4WDriving and Track Care

Hema – 4WD Storage Ideas

Hema – 9 Things You Should Know About Water Crossings

Hema – Beginners Guide to the Oodnadatta Track

Hema – 5 Kimberley Destinations Worth Experiencing

Camper Australia – Wandering the Remote Western Deserts

Camper Australia – High Country with a Camper

Camper Australia – A Murray Sunset Experience

Camper Australia – 7 Reasons to Visit Sensational Port Macquarie

Camper Australia – 5 Things on the Cape You Can’t Miss

Camper Australia – Get the Right Gear

Camper Australia – Suspension Explained

Camper Australia – Fully Charged

Camper Australia – A Guide to Water Tanks

Camper Australia – Are Rear Bar Replacements Worth It?

Camper Australia – Simple Mods that will Pimp your Camper

Camper Australia – Corner Country is Calling

Camper Australia – Experience the Magic of the Coral Coast

Caravan World – Murray River Cruising

Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures – Above and Beyond: Tackling the road less travelled brings rewards

Camper Mate – Off Grid & Out Back: My Top 5 Desert Tracks

Camper Mate – Mount Pinnibar: Reaching the Alpine Peak

Caravan World – Still Waters

Caravan World – Top 5 Things to do in Newman

Caravan World – Top 5 Outback QLD Parks

Caravan World – Stopping All Stations

Caravan World – Lemons to Lemonade

Loaded 4×4 – High Country, Calm after the Storm

Loaded 4×4 – Destination Dirk Hartog Island

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