Camp Cover – Making Storage Neater


I was introduced to Camp Cover when the guys from Quick Pitch sent me a couple of samples to try on my recent long adventure. Made in South Africa since 2005, this gear is high quality, tough and handled the trip without a hitch. Camp Cover will revolutionise the way you pack and carry your gear.

1. Rear Wheel Bag

I have used a number of rear wheel bags over the years and none have come close to the ones produced by Camp Cover. Made from heavy duty Ripstop canvas, it was easy to fit with strong webbing straps and holdfast buckles keeping the Wheel Bin Safari, as they are called, exactly where I placed it for over 24,000km!


The brass heavy duty zips are also the best I have come across, even when covered in bull dust, they opened and closed easily. Being made of brass, they leave tiny filaments of the metal when they zip and unzip, basically self cleaning the zipper each time.

I was a bit dubious about the amount of velcro on the sides of the bag and on the zip covers, but the connection is as good now as it was on day one, amazing considering the number of dirt tracks I drove. The velcro on the sides allows the front pocket to expand out, increasing the storage space.

The Wheel Bin Safari has two pockets, the front measuring in at 520 x 550 x 20mm and the rear 600 x 550 x 50mm. The rear pocket is the perfect place to carry a BBQ plate such as a braai or a biji-barbi (it carried my snorkelling gear and nozzle for my jerry cans), while the front pocket is where I kept my rubbish bags. The size of the front pocket was perfect for me as I was travelling solo so didn’t produce much rubbish, but it might be a bit small for a family.

2. Ammo Pouch


These pouches are the best thing since sliced bread! With a Ripstop canvas outer, a PVC inner and hard core zippers these pouches are tough. I have the 1/3 x 1/3 x 1/3 sizes (320 x 145 x 200mm) and you will be surprised by how much they hold. In one I carried all my medications (the pouch provided enough insulation to keep my tablets cool), in another I carried my water gear (tap connectors, water filter, filler hoses), battery charger and extension leads and then in the third I carried my wine bottles.

Depending on the bottle shape, these pouches can hold up to six bottles of wine! I had no breakages or leaks, even over severe corrugations and climbing rutted sand dunes. I am so happy with these pouches, I’m going to buy some more as they will also fit nicely in my storage drawers and help keep food items in their place.


3. Where can I get it?

Quick Pitch, based in Perth, Western Australia are the main distributors for Camp Cover in Australia. However, you can also purchase it from the following outlets:


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