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AMPTRON LiFePo4 100Ah Battery

Lithium revolutionised the world of batteries, but do they suit the 4WD market? Surely, I’m not alone when it comes to overlanders having issues with their 12-volt systems. From memory, I’ve had to purchase more than six batteries over the past four years. With the expense averaging out to over $250 per battery, it was unsustainable. I even swore never to buy a particular brand ever again (four of the batteries where… Read More

Projecta, Projecta IS1210E Intelli-Start, Proecta Lithium Jump Starter, Projecta Lithium

Projecta have recently released their new and improved range of Intelli-Start 12V Lithium Jumpstarters. I got my hands on the IS1210E, and must say I’m impressed with the compact unit at first glance. Not much larger than a tub of margarine and weighing in at only 630 grams it packs a real punch when it comes to jump starting your vehicle or keeping your mobile devices charged. It may only be small,… Read More

12 volt fuses

Sure, I understand the importance of fuses when installing 12-volt products in my 4WD, I have always done whatever the installation notes tell me. However, in a moment of haste, I missed one crucial sentence when installing a new brand of voltage sensitive relay (VSR) in my engine bay. I’m just thankful that what eventuated happened in the driveway and not in one of the remote locations I’d just returned home from…. Read More

Having the right 12 volt set up is critical to enable me to spend long lengths of time off-grid. I need power to run my fridge, my freezer (on long trips), lights and more importantly to recharge my laptop and camera batteries. Then there are things like Bluetooth speakers, iPods, torches, portable battery packs, air compressor and pie warmer. Keeping it simple is also important as it makes troubleshooting easier. I prefer… Read More