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Having the right 12 volt set up is critical to enable me to spend long lengths of time off-grid. I need power to run my fridge, my freezer (on long trips), lights and more importantly to recharge my laptop and camera batteries. Then there are things like Bluetooth speakers, iPods, torches, portable battery packs, air compressor and pie warmer.

Keeping it simple is also important as it makes troubleshooting easier. I prefer items that have minimal moving parts and are dust, heat and moisture proof. I am quite happy with my current setup, and here is what I have done.

Two batteries in the engine bay.

I currently have 2 x Supercharge All Rounder MRV70 batteries that have 760CCA (cold cranking amps) and are 105Ah deep cycle capability. These batteries are calcium lead acid and are a transition battery between a shallow cycle starter battery and a true deep cycle battery.

They have handled the corrugations and hot temperatures better than other brands of batteries I’ve used and I will swap them with my camper trailer batteries shortly as they are almost three years old now and will enjoy a rest in the camper trailer. Read more


I was introduced to Camp Cover when the guys from Quick Pitch sent me a couple of samples to try on my recent long adventure. Made in South Africa since 2005, this gear is high quality, tough and handled the trip without a hitch. Camp Cover will revolutionise the way you pack and carry your gear.

1. Rear Wheel Bag

I have used a number of rear wheel bags over the years and none have come close to the ones produced by Camp Cover. Made from heavy duty Ripstop canvas, it was easy to fit with strong webbing straps and holdfast buckles keeping the Wheel Bin Safari, as they are called, exactly where I placed it for over 24,000km!


The brass heavy duty zips are also the best I have come across, even when covered in bull dust, they opened and closed easily. Being made of brass, they leave tiny filaments of the metal when they zip and unzip, basically self cleaning the zipper each time. Read more


The strip of coastline in Western Australia known as the “Coral Coast” runs from Cervantes in the south up to Exmouth in the north. With stunning turquoise waters, enthralling outback national parks and interactions with nature that will blow your mind, there is something for everyone in this neck of the woods. I recently explored the region from Exmouth to Steep Point and here are my Top Five Things to Do on the Coral Coast.

1. Cape Range National Park


Whether it be walk an ancient canyon, snorkel coral reefs, swim with Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales and Manta Rays, take a boat cruise or canoe Yardie Creek, ride a camel along the beach or lock it in low and 4WD across the Range, there is so much to do on this part of the Coral Coast. It does get busy during the school holidays, but otherwise, this is somewhere you can visit all year round. Read more

My first memories of heading off on an adventure are from 1975. Cyclone Tracy has ripped through Darwin on Christmas Day 1974 and the city was still off limits to outsiders. We had set off from Wheelers Hill in an EJ Holden sedan, Mum and Dad, three kids under 8 and our faithful dog Tanji.

Mum and Dad had taken three months long service leave and were taking us around Australia. My grandparents also joined us with their brand new Kombi that they’d imported directly from Germany. This was an amazing challenge for my parents and on the car as the majority of the Princes Highway was still just a dirt road. Read more

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