My job takes me out on the road more often these days but I never complain. I mean, I get to experience Australia in a way so many of you dream of. I was the same years ago, but now I am Living the Dream, Sharing the Experience. What I pack each time depends on the destination, but there are a number of core items that I ensure I have as they are important in making my adventures more enjoyable, and here they are in no particular order. Read More

Concrete eyesores become the perfect muse.


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Who would have thought slapping some paint on an old wheat silo would become a craze? Vandals have been tagging them for decades, but now authentic artists are volunteering their time and skill to create some magical works. The Yarriambiack Shire in Western Victoria has been working on ways to improve the local economy by increasing tourism and tourist dollar spend. They started by creating several superb free camping sites and establishing several RV Friendly towns. But more was needed to give visitors a reason to visit the region, so they created Australia’s largest outdoor art gallery.

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IMG_8331Landscape photography is my passion, it provides me with an escape, a way to forget about the pressures of life and relax in the moment. Whether it’s watching a sunset, or a stream crash over a waterfall or an abandoned car in a paddock, the moments it takes to set up my camera, compose the shot and later see what I created is a magical experience. Capturing an epic picture can be a difficult task but then there are some places that make it so easy for me, and Kerang Lakes is one of those.

Located 300km north west of Melbourne on the Murray Valley Highway, Kerang Lakes is popular with photographers, bird watchers and water sports, it certainly gets busy on the weekends and during summer school holidays. There are caravan parks at Lake Charm and Kangaroo Lake as well as options in nearby Kerang. The region is also close to Koondrook on the Murray River and Lake Boga.

I settled in at the Kangaroo Lake Caravan Park and spent the next few days exploring and quenching my thirst for photography. Here are some of the amazing vistas I captured.

Where is your “go to” place for photography?

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Kerang Lakes

Kangaroo Lake Caravan Park


I love Station Stays. The opportunity to check out a working property, learn about the land from the owners and sit down and share a meal at the end of the day with the family is a great way of experiencing Australia. On my last trip, I stumbled across many amazing Station Stays and one that I was truly lucky to discover was Hale River Homestead at Old Ambalindum.

I was warmly welcomed by Lynne, who with her husband Sean own the property. Lynne takes care of the accommodation side, with the help of her daughter Sophie and grandson David. Cooper is the youngest and has a few years yet to grow into an outback cowboy like his brother David.


Credit: Hale River Homestead

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